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Word of the Day

by Merriam-Webster


Phrasal Verb by


Word of the Day

by Merriam-Webster


adjective — LOOSH (pronúncia)


not reputable or decent


"Here, he's just a dude, with an earring and a motorcycle, a dude who wears jeans to military court. Freeman's best when he's not trying to win re-election or standing at the Pearly Gates, when he's just a guy slouching in dungarees, looking a little louche."

— WesleyMorris, The New York Times, Apr 30th, 2020

"On 7 May, for one week only, it released a modern-dress version of Antony and Cleopatra set in a series of strategy rooms, conference centres and five-star hotel suites. The lovestruck Roman was played by a louche, gruff, brooding Ralph Fiennes."

— Lloyd Evans, The Spectator (UK), May 16th, 2020


Phrasal Verb by



— to release by exploding.

— to free from duty or responsibility; excuse.

— to allow to go with little or no punishment; pardon:


— The judge let off the youthful offender with a reprimand. —#wordoftheday #phrasalverbs @cardosobill